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Our Zero Trust Access solution offers a cloud-based control plane that can be layered across existing wide-area network (WAN) and/or software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) infrastructure, or deployed atop a managed WAN/SD-WAN service.

  • Elisity Cloud Control Center is the centralized, cloud-delivered multi-tenant administration platform that abstracts and centralizes the security access policies.
  • Elisity Edge enables explicit trust connectivity between campuses, branches, data centers, and cloud infrastructure, enabling macro and micro-segmentation at the asset level.
  • Elisity Micro-Edge installs on 3rd-party switches and enables identity-based segmentation and policies on those switches, turning them into SDP gateways in addition to enabling transactional segmentation.
  • Elisity Access Service is an Elisity-managed, cloud-delivered service with a global backbone that allows users to connect to any resource in the world securely.
  • Elisity Connect is the software agent that initiates secure connections directly between the remote user’s device and enterprise resources through the cloud-delivered Elisity Access Service.
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