10.0 Release Notes

Releases included: 10.0, 10.2



New Flow-based Device Detection

  • Elisity Edge devices now have the ability to identify devices based on observed traffic flow information.
  • If Policy matches devices discovered via flow observation, policy will be automatically enforced

Edit functionality for Device Attributes

  • Users can now change the Device attributes based on their preference.



IPSec Tunnel mode connections now terminate directly in the Elisity Access Service

  • Interop Tested with Cradle Point, Cisco Meraki, Cisco ASA (Physical/Virtual)
  • BGP Over IPSec
  • Static Routing over IPSec
  • BGP and Static Routing Interop between sites
  • BGP Route Propagation based on Policy
  • Tunnel Health Monitoring
  • High Availability (Active /Backup Tunnels to Sites)