14.0 Release Notes

Releases included: 14.0

New Features in 14.0.1

User/Application/Device table data export (CSV/Excel)

  • Export device data from Users, Devices, and Applications pages
  • Per-page download on initial release

Administrator failed credential entry lockout and failed login message improvement

  • Implementation of maximum failed login attempts (5) until an admin account is locked out (60 min lockout)
  • Improvement of a forgotten password and failed login UI messages to prevent acknowledgment of if a username exists

Improved Random MAC Address Handling

  • Use of DHCP option 55 to improve identification of randomized MAC address capable devices

Rename Elisity Micro Edge container to ME in configuration

  • The container is now referenced by the appid “ME” when interacting with it via the IOS-XE application hosting environment

New Features in 14.0.0

Elisity Virtual Edge - VM

  • The initial release of Virtual Edge Appliance (OVA)
  • Passive identity learning of connected users, devices, and apps
  • Flow-based traffic analytics
  • Enforcement of identity-based policy on Cisco Catalyst 3850/3650 platforms
  • Support for standalone and stacked switches

Enhanced Device Detection

  • ARP and Flow-based device detection on Virtual Edge
  • Randomized MAC address device recognition leveraging both DHCP Option and User-Agent detection

Medical Device Classification leveraging Medigate  

  • Elisity's Cloud Control Center natively connects to the Medigate Cloud providing enriched IoMT device information
  • Granular policies and segmentation can be applied based on this enriched device data

Policy Management Enhancements for Cisco Catalyst

  • Enhancements in Cloud Control Center to enable Cisco Catalyst 3850 / 3650 and 9300 deployments to reuse Security Profiles extensively in policies
  • Support of up to 250 unique Security Profiles on switches allows customers to create more extensive segmentation capabilities
  • Enforcement of segmentation and policy at wire-rate on supported switching platforms

Bulk policy deployment for saved policies and bulk policy rollback