6.0 Release Notes

Releases included: 6.0.2, 6.1.1, 6.1.0



Applications Onboarding - Static

Enables the Remote users through the Elisity Access Service to reach:

  • Applications behind Campus

  • Applications behind Datacenter

  • Applications behind Cloud Edge/ Campus Edge

Asset Detail View Enhancements

  • Policy bindings for each asset

  • Violations for Assets

  • Peer information

  • Login activities

  • Multiple other attributes with details

Bugs fixes in Cloud Control Center, Elisity Edge, and User Interface



Cloud Control Center Features

  • Active Directory Logs processing to discover User attaches

  • Audit log support to capture User Events/Device events

  • Scaling support for Cloud Routing programming on AWS (along with policies)

Elisity Edge Features

  • NTP Support on Edge

  • Syslog Support on Edge

  • ZTP Support on Edge

  • BGP Routing protocol support on Edge.

  • ACL support on Mgmt Interface (Edge)

User Interface Features on Cloud Control Center

  • Policy Categorization

  • Quick Search

  • Audit Log UI

  • Asset List UI Enhancements

  • Device On-Boarding enhancements

  • Settings Enhancements




Layer 2 Features


  • Interfaces (Access, Trunk, Routed)

  • Port Channel (Static /LACP)

  • Bridge Virtual Interface support

  • Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol support

  • Device Detection with L2 Flows

  • Cloud Control Center connectivity from Edge on L2 (router in)


  • TACACS support

OT Discovery/Segmentation/ Security policies

  • Config Import through excel sheet

  • Segmentation based on Device attributes

  • Security policies based on Device attributes

  • Policy config support from flow records

  • Data Flow Analytics of OT Devices

  • OT Widget support

Vulnerability and bug fixes