8.0 Release Notes

Releases included: 8.0.1, 8.0.0



Ability to onboard assets (batch upload) through the pre-defined form of an Excel spreadsheet.

  • On-boarding users with Mandatory and optional parameters

  • On-boarding Devices with Mandatory and optional


  • On-boarding Static Applications

  • On-boarding Sites (Private Data Center)

Audit Logs showcasing user operations

  • Security rules

  • Policies

  • Policies groups

Multiple Bug fixes improve stability



  • Elisity as solution/service can be launched from AWS Market Place.
  • Tenant infrastructure provision can be done under 15 min, Tenant is ready to on-board assets, build segmentation (policy groups), policies
  • Ability to support Elisity Identity Provider support for Users Management

Enterprise User View Enhancements.

  • Multiple User Flow enhancements in UI to simplify and understand user-workflow.

Users, Apps, Devices soft-limits

  • Applying soft-limits for Freemium Track on Users/Devices/ Policies

Site on-boarding Enhancements

  • Simplifying administrator work-flow to on-board Private Data Center or Private Cloud to Elisity Solution.

User, App, Device on-boarding Enhancements

  • Simplifying administrator UI work-flow to on-board Users, Apps and Devices

Integration testing of IPSec Tunnels with Multiple Vendor Devices.