9.0 Release Notes

Releases included: 9.0.1, 9.0.0



Application group-based security rules support:

  • Security rules can be enforced using Application Groups (App groups examples include, Social Media, Gaming, Streaming., PeertoPeer, Ecommerce..)

IoMT - Phase 1 support

  • Device detection of (HL7 and DICOM devices )

  • Policies based on Vendor and Model of the HL7 and Dicom


  • Ability to support multiple IoMT Device addition using File Import.

Hierarchical selection of device properties

  • Add Device, Hierarchical, auto-populate the menu based on the current selection

Policy Match Criteria Hierarchical, auto-populate the menu based on the current selection

Policy edit enhancements to support in place policy group edit

Zero Trust toggle while deployed.

  • Remove requirement to reload elisity edge on switching from Explicit Trust <-> Implicit transitions

  • New deployments will come implicit trust as the default mode

    TLS port change for EAS/EE nodes ->port 443 support

  • In future releases, Elisity Edge will operate only on port 443.

Private IP range support for Elisity Access Service

  • During Elisity Access Service Cluster allocation, private ip addresses can be allocated for Elisity Access Service internal CIDRs

Cloud Control Center Alerting Mechanism

  • Alerts are generated through internal email and TextNotification Services when Edge, EAS-LB, and EAS-Nodes are down.



Device Discovery using Enhanced Device Discovery (IT/IoT/OT devices)

  • Ability to do device discovery based on DHCP, Radius, Kerberos packets
    • The system can do device discovery based on MAC addresses, User Agent extracted from above protocol
  • Central device database

Elisity Catalog Service for selective devices

  • Elisity maintains a catalog for top IT/IoT devices, making it easier for user to pre-configure policies even before devices are on-boarded into the system

Time based policies

  • Support for Source Assets local time, Destination Assets local time, TimeZone (non- local times),

  • Scheduling - One Time, Recurring

Global Search for Policy Group, Asset Groups, Security rules.