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Adding New Sites

Sites are required to add devices and applications.

  1. To add a new site, select Add Site from the top menu, or navigate to Policy Fabric > Site View and select Add Site.

  2. Select the Site Type (On-prem, AWS VPC, or Other Public Cloud VPC/Vnet), and the Connection Type (VPN Connections or Elisity Edge). 

  3. Complete all required fields, select the Elisity Location with the nearest proximity to your site, input the Gateway IP Address, select Dynamic or Static, and select Submit.

    Note: Sites can also be set up as Static, but a Static Route is required.

    Dynamic Routing Option
    Static Routing Option

  4. It may take up to 5 minutes for a new site to appear in your Site View list.

  5. When your site setup is complete, you will see it listed in the Site View menu. Sites can be edited or deleted.