Connect Claroty


  • TheClarotyConnectorshouldbeinstalledonaLinuxplatform(Ubuntu16orhigher).
  • The Claroty Site ( CTD Server ) credentials must be known. If the Claroty connector is
    connected to the EMC, that should be known as well.
  • Root privileges are not required for the machine the executable is run on.

Installation Instructions

  1. Click on the Connector menu (highlighted below) to open the Connector menu.

  2. Click “+IDP/Connectors” on the top right of the screen.
  3. Click on the Install in the Claroty Secure Remote Access Connector card.

  4. Click on the Download as seen below.

  5. Save the file to your local laptop/desktop or the machine where the connector will be run.

  6. Click on the [Click here to view configuration information] to see the Gateway Server URL and the Credentials that will be needed during Connector installation.

  7. Copy the connector-0.0.6.tar.gz file into a safe directory in the target machine (Linux machine) to host the Elisity Claroty Connector Service.

  8. Extract the archive as shown below (This could change depending on the Linux distribution used ). It will extract the content to the connector folder.
  9. Double click on the connector_gui to launch the connector application.

  10. Click OK and wait for the application to launch completely
  11. In the “Elisity OT Connector App” window, please enter the [Gateway Server Address] and [Gateway Credential] that was shown earlier to you in the Elisity UI.

  12. Copy-paste the Configuration from Elisity UI above into “Elisity OT Connector App” below and select “Save Configuration.”
  13. Click on [Claroty Service] tab to configure Service “Service server” address, “Service user,” and “Service password.” The user must have access to fetch assets over Rest API. After entering the details, please click “Save configuration.”

    page10image1234988896 page10image1235173216
  14. At this point, the Config App will configure the Connector Service to run as the user you have provided. Service is not started yet. The status of the service will be in a “Stopped” state. Please click the start button to start the service.
  15. Once the service is started successfully, the Service status would become “RUNNING/RUNNING,” as shown below. NOTE: Now that the start button turned into the Stop button, Click the Stop button to stop service if required.

  16. You can optionally click on [Fetch All/ Fetch Updates] if you want to sync all the OT assets to Elisity Control Plane. You can trigger the Sync from Elisity UI as well. It will take a few minutes to pull all the users. After the Sync is complete, the Connector Windows Service will be started automatically.

  17. Service Status can be monitored using the “Service Stats” tab once the workflow is completed successfully.

    1. The left-hand side represents clarity assets statistics
    2. The righthand side represents eSaaS statistics
  18. “Elisity OT Connector App” software can be upgraded to the latest version using the Upgrade tab.

    1. Download the connector application from eSaaS as detailed earlier.
    2. Copytheconnector-<version>.tar.gz file on to host computer file system.
    3. From the “Upgrade” tab, select the downloaded connector-<version>.tar.gz using the “Select package” button.
    4. Once the package is selected, click the “Start Upgrade” button to start the upgrade process.
    5. The application will restart after the upgrade.
    6. Once the upgrade is successful, please start the service as details earlier.
  19. You can see the status of the Connector in the Elisity UI as below. Optionally (if you want to Sync the assets one more time), you can click on the 3 dots below against the Claroty Connector and click on Sync Assets.

  20. If you need to troubleshoot issues, you can click on the 3 vertical dots to popup the connector sub-menu and choose [Config & Troubleshoot] followed by [Request Log Collection]. This will asynchronously fetch the logs and store them in S3 for later perusal.

    page16image1233889360 page16image1234091440