Connect Okta

In this article, we outline the steps to connect Okta to Cloud Control Center.

  1. Log in to Okta
  2. Navigate to Applications -> Applications -> Create App Integration
  3. Select the following
    • OIDC - OpenID Connect
    • Web Application
  4. Name the app whatever you would like. Leave everything else in the first section default (unless you want to add a logo).
  5. Set the Sign-in redirect URI to the following (replace your domain)
  6. Set the Sign-out to redirect URI to the following (replace your domain)
  7. Leave Trusted Origins Blank
  8. Leave Assignments Default – Click Save
  9. Copy the Client ID and Secret to a notepad
  10. Copy the Okta Domain to the notepad
  11. Under General Settings, click Edit. Scroll down to Login
    Copy the Sign-in Redirect URI to the Initiate Login URI – not 100% sure this is needed.
  12. Click Security -> API -> Tokens -> Create Token
  13. Name the Token then click -> Create Token.
    Copy this token to the notepad file you created earlier.
    At this point you should have the following in your notepad
    1. Domain
    2. Client ID
    3. Client Secret
    4. API Token
  14. Log in to your Elisity Cloud Control Center
  15. Navigate to Connectors -> Select +IDP/Connector
  16. Select Okta
  17. You should see the following page. The information in your notepad has all but two items included.  Follow the steps below to complete the information correctly.
    1. Domain – You can name this whatever you like.
    2. Sub-Domain – This is the Okta Domain you copied to your notepad
    3. Issuer – Should be
      1. Be sure to replace youroktadomain with the correct information for your specific domain
    4. Client ID – Copy this from your notepad
    5. Client Secret ID – Copy this from your notepad
    6. API Token – Copy this from your notepad
  18. Click Review and Submit. You should now be ready to add users to Okta and Authenticate your Elisity Client Connect users.
    1. Note: Your Elisity Client Connect should point to the following URL