Zero Trust your Existing VPN

Legacy VPN solutions leave gaps in your remote access security. With Elisity Cognitive Trust, augment your existing VPN and gain the Zero Trust security and connectivity your enterprise needs.

With remote work as the new normal, enterprises need airtight security solutions for remote access. Elisity Cognitive Trust lets you augment your existing VPN and quickly get to the Zero Trust security posture that the current cybersecurity landscape demands. 

The Gaps of Traditional VPNs

Many organizations are satisfied with their VPN solution. They need to know that legacy VPN technology is inherently insecure, leaving numerous security gaps that need closing. The limitations of VPN include:

  • Risk of lateral movement in the network
  • Lack of visibility and reporting on VPN traffic flows
  • Lack of segmentation
  • Missing the layers of security required for enterprise
  • Fragmented policy
  • The security and compliance risk of VPN often violates the principle of least privilege
Elisity Cognitive Cloud

Achieve Zero Trust for remote access

With ECT, you can augment your VPN solution and instantly enable secure, Zero Trust access for remote users, across every digital domain. More specifically, ECT enables you to manage identity-based policy ubiquitously while nano-segmenting your digital environments. This approach allows you to overcome the limitations of existing VPNs, augmenting them with a simpler, more secure, more cost-effective solution.


  • Minimized risk of lateral movement
  • Full visibility into all remote users, apps, and data
  • Ubiquitous policy from a single, cloud-delivered portal
  • Identity-based access and flow-based segmentation
  • Connectivity across all domains — campus, cloud, SaaS apps, data center, and more
  • Data protection with edge-to-edge encryption for VPN traffic
  • AI-delivered policy recommendations