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When the cloud is the data center, any device is a “work” device, the network is the internet, and confidential data is spread across an organization’s digital footprint, visibility is critical to your security strategy.

Sign up for a 30-day trial and receive a detailed, customized Trust Report. The report will give you unprecedented visibility into your environment:

  • How many users you have, what devices and applications they are using
  • Detailed user and device traffic flows
  • How much-unauthorized traffic per user and per device
  • Unencrypted data in your flows from authorized users
  • Verification that the configured access for users is working as expected and that you have the right policies assigned to the right entities
  • Monitor all the traffic in your environment before your policy enforcement

Request your 30-day trial today and see how the Cognitive Trust solution can help you audit your organization’s access, detect threats, and protect your data with centralized security controls.