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Zero Trust your IoT/OT networks and devices

Secure access to your critical IoT and OT devices, applications, and hardware across the enterprise

The proliferation of connected IoT and OT devices, systems, and hardware is transforming every industry — and increasing security vulnerabilities. With Elisity Cognitive Trust, you can secure access to your IoT/OT environments and enforce Zero Trust networking.

The ever-expanding IoT/OT attack surface

Enterprises are adopting connected devices at an unprecedented pace. However, companies lack visibility into their IoT/OT devices, and lack segmentation and robust security in their IoT/OT networks — leaving organizations open to attack. Risks and challenges in these environments include:

  • Lack of attack prevention and access protection
  • Risk of malware and ransomware attacks
  • Lack of visibility into IoT/OT devices
  • Lack of risk vulnerability detection
  • Lack of secure remote access for vendors and manufacturers
  • Outdated and unmanaged switches
  • Unsegmented Layer 2 networks
  • Risk of compromising worker safety

Secure IoT/OT access with Elisity Cognitive Trust

Elisity Cognitive Trust provides enterprises with a single, comprehensive way to secure access to their IoT/OT environments. The first Zero Trust networking and Software-Defined Perimeter solution, Elisity Cognitive Trust enables enterprises to nano-segment their IoT/OT environments and secure access with identity-based policy.

With Elisity Cognitive Trust, enterprises can prevent attacks, determine risk and device vulnerabilities, gain complete visibility into their devices and traffic flows, and manage policy ubiquitously from a single, cloud-delivered portal. Moreover, the Elisity Cloud Control Center continuously monitors all access, and recommends policy based on risk and vulnerability. With Elisity Cognitive Trust, organizations can embrace connected IoT/OT devices, while increasing the security posture of the enterprise.


  • Complete, real-time visibility into all IoT/OT users, device, and applications, from Level 1 — Level 5
  • Ubiquitous policy for IoT/OT environments
  • Identity-based access and nano-segmentation
  • No direct outside visibility of any IoT/OT devices or applications
  • Integration with ISC Systems Segmentation for vulnerable OT systems and devices
  • Reduced overhead and TCO with a single, centralized solution
  • Connectivity across all domains — campus, cloud, SaaS apps, data center, and more
  • End-to-end encryption
  • AI-delivered policy recommendations