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Beyond The Perimeter

Youre in Control with a Contextual Zero Trust Strategy

Its not just identity, but behavioral intelligence that delivers the power of end-to-end protection for all of your assets, regardless of location. Elisity is your missing link between visibility and enforcement. With Elisity Cognitive Trust, we contextualize identity, environment, and behavior allowing you to manage a simple business logic policy to securely connect all of your assets across every domain.

We’re your partner in building intelligent networks, not just network intelligence.

Taking on Zero Trust Ep. 2 with Matt Hoag, CTO, Koch Business Solutions and Elisity CEO James Winebrenner
Taking on Zero Trust with Michael Elmore, CISO, GSK Consumer Healthcare and Elisity CEO James Winebrenner

Zero trust is a journey, not a destination. Take your first steps.



Seamless, vendor-agnostic integration


Cloud-delivered platform that provides consistent policy across brownfield and greenfield edge, and multi-cloud environments


Continually evolving risk policy enforcement for all assets – users, devices, applications, and data



Abstract policy from underlying network constructs and enable enforcement as close to the asset as possible


Unprecedented visibility to data flow between assets


Data-backed management for continually authenticated behavior

See whats possible with Elisity

We've learned that conditional access alone cannot be a complete adaptive trust solution.


Operational Technology

Traditionally air-gapped OT environments are increasingly connecting beyond IT networks into the cloud. Elisity Cognitive Trust enables this digital transformation providing secure micro-segmented connectivity and minimizes the attack surface.

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Least Privilege

Elisity Cognitive Trust eases the transition from legacy, implicit trust models, to zero trust. We leverage behavioral intelligence to identify the context and connectivity requirements of users and devices, continuously tuning fine-grained policies to achieve least privilege.

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Secure Access Anywhere

Elisity's Secure Access Anywhere solution takes the zero trust model a step further and combines software-defined perimeter capabilities and zero trust network access to securely connect users to applications, data, and devices regardless of location.

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Trust What the Industry is Saying

“Over the last 10 years, we have seen an increase in operational technology (OT) connecting to the corporate network, expanding the attack surface. No other vendor can provide the network visibility, telemetry, intelligence, and micro-segmentation required to effectively accelerate the time to reduce risk in both greenfield and brownfield environments.” 

Michael Elmore
CISO, GSK Consumer Healthcare

Elisity offers a new and modern approach to protecting business-critical applications and data, in the cloud or on-premises.

Shamus McGillicuddy
Vice President at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

Elisity’s modern approach to security gives real-time information regarding who is accessing resources and from where and supports the requirements of remote access in a secure way.

Reza Nazeman 
Founder and CEO at CIO Ventures

“A remote workforce, on many devices and accessing multi-clouds, means we have to rethink identity and access, and how to authorize access. With the introduction of Elisity Cognitive Trust and the approach with identity as the new perimeter, organizations can better protect their intellectual property.”

Lee Doyle
Principal Analyst at Doyle Research

“The approach Elisity is putting forward for enterprise security makes them uniquely positioned to radically change how customers access and protect their data.”

Brian Long
Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Atlantic Bridge

A Unified Architecture for Achieving Zero Trust Across all Network Domains


Network access and control is extremely siloed today. IT organizations use multiple technologies to manage and enforce policies. As enterprises pivot toward a zero trust security model, they will need to unify policy and enforcement across multiple technology domains. This white paper offers high-level guidance on how to get started.

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