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Solution Brief

Elisity® Cognitive Trust™

Untangling security from underlying network constructs to deliver value at speed

Identity-Based Microsegmentation Implemented with Simplicity and Speed



Elisity is a solution that provides identity-based microsegmentation for an existing access layer switching infrastructure. This allows for non-disruptive deployment, rapid time to value, and both north-south and east-west microsegmentation all the way down to users and devices within the same VLAN. It is easily adaptable and scalable for constantly evolving networks and provides visibility into assets on the network and traffic flows. Customers can access all of this information through a single dashboard, and the solution is designed to be simple to deploy and manage. It is meant to address the limitations of traditional security methods, such as network segmentation based on IP access lists and firewall rules, which are not effective at stopping bad actors from exploiting vulnerabilities and moving throughout the network.

Bupa Healthcare | Customer Video
A Conversation on Zero Trust and Work from Home Remote Policies with Michael Elmore, CSIO, GSK and Elisity CEO James Winebrenner
A Conversation on Zero Trust and Work from Home Remote Policies with Michael Elmore, CSIO, GSK and Elisity CEO James Winebrenner

No Hardware.
No Network Disruption.
No Outage Window.



Seamless, vendor-agnostic integration


Cloud-native, cloud-managed, and cloud-delivered platform that provides consistent policy across brownfield and greenfield edge


Continually evolving risk policy enforcement for all assets – users, devices, applications, and data



Abstract policy from underlying network constructs and enable enforcement as close to the asset as possible


Unprecedented visibility to data flow between assets


Data-backed management for continually authenticated behavior

Trust What the Industry is Saying

Within 24 hours of deploying Elisity Cognitive Trust on our Cisco switches, we discovered devices of which we had no prior visibility, giving us insights into actions needed. The potential of gaining East-West security for managed and unmanaged users and IoT/IoMT devices without having to install additional hardware in our campus network is absolutely game-changing for our organization.” 

AlmaKucera Alma Kucera
Business Information Security Officer, Bupa

Elisity offers a new and modern approach to protecting business-critical applications and data, in the cloud or on-premises.

Shamus McGillicuddy
Vice President at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

I’ve been impressed from the start with the Elisity Cognitive Trust platform and the new security paradigm and approach for the enterprise. Their technology is completely transforming the market to provide security beyond the traditional network perimeter.”

Brian Long
Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Atlantic Bridge

Achieving a cybersecurity posture that understands both identity and behavior is traditionally very hard. The Elisity Cognitive Trust approach to solve for this was very compelling. Coupled with an exceptional management team that has successfully worked together previously, this makes Elisity a very attractive opportunity for our fund.” 

SpenserTall Spencer Tall
Managing Partner, AllegisCyber Capital

“CISOs are facing ever-increasing attack surfaces caused by the shift to remote work, reliance on cloud-based services, and the convergence of IT with OT networks. Elisity addresses all of these problems by not only enacting a Zero Trust model, but by doing so at the edge and within the behavioral context of each interaction.”

MikeGoguen Mike Goguen
Founder & Managing Partner, Two Bear Capital


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