Secure your enterprise without moats.

Elisity’s cognitive trust platform protects apps, users, data and devices based on what they are, not where they are.

What is Elisity Cognitive Trust

Learn how Elisity Cognitive Trust enables digital transformation in the enterprise

Introducing Elisity Cognitive Trust

Explore the first combined Zero Trust Access and Software-Defined Perimeter solution by Use Case

IoT/OT Devices

Zero Trust your IoT/OT environments


Unify your multi-cloud access

Zero trust Access

Zero Trust access, enterprise-wide

Zero Trust remote Access

Zero Trust your remote workforce

With Elisity Cognitive Trust, context is your new perimeter.


Unify your policy and secure access to your data and assets


Full visibility – Gain complete visibility and full analytics on users, devices, applications, and traffic flows, across all domains – campus, cloud, multi-cloud, data center, remote access, branch, SaaS apps, the edge, infrastructure, and more.


Protection – Manage ubiquitous policy across your organization, with access decisions based on identity and contextual data like location, time of day, trust scores, the sensitivity of data or application, and more.


Cognitive Trust – Leverage an AI engine to continuously monitor activity, traffic flows, and user behaviors to assess risk and automatically make adaptive policy recommendations.

Elisity offers a new and modern approach to protecting business-critical applications and data, in the cloud or on-premises.

Shamus McGillicuddy
Vice President at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

A remote workforce, on many devices and accessing multi-clouds means we have to rethink identity and access and how to authorize access. With the introduction of Elisity Cognitive Trust and the approach with identity as the new perimeter, organizations can better protect their intellectual property.

Lee Doyle
Principal Analyst at Doyle Research

Elisity’s modern approach to security gives real-time information regarding who is accessing resources and from where and supports the requirements of remote access in a secure way.

Reza Nazeman
Founder and CEO at CIO Ventures

The approach Elisity is putting forward for enterprise security makes them uniquely positioned to radically change how customers access and protect their data.

Brian Long
Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Atlantic Bridge

Elisity helps enterprises solve the challenge of securing access to their assets and data in the complex modern world of blurring enterprise boundaries and mobile workforces.

Ayman Sayed
President, and CEO at BMC Software