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Network segmentation is hard.
It shouldn't be.

Experience a Segmentation Solution That Actually Lives Up to Its Promises

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When 9 out of 10 segmentation projects struggle to meet expectations, Elisity redefines what’s possible. Our identity-based approach shatters the complexity barrier, delivering unrivaled visibility, control, and compliance across your entire network.

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Elisity Raises $37 Million as Critical Infrastructure Reels From Cyberattacks
Message from the CEO: Elisity Secures $37M to Pioneer Identity-Centric Security Solutions    Learn More -->
Michael Elmore

"Elisity's deployment at GSK is nothing short of revolutionary making every other solution pale in comparison."

Why compromise?

Overcome the Challenges of Securing Modern Networks

Gain unparalleled visibility into your network with Elisity’s IdentityGraph technology, and leverage identity-based microsegmentation to enforce granular control over every user and device. By utilizing identity attributes and dynamic contextual policies, you can implement robust network segmentation, a crucial defense strategy against modern threats and ransomware, effectively limiting the blast radius of potential attacks.

Core Benefits

Product Tour

GSK is Deploying Elisity with Unprecedented Speed

“Elisity’s deployment at GSK is nothing short of revolutionary, making every other solution pale in comparison.”
Michael Elmore




With a striking speed of less than 30 minutes per location, Elisity's integration is bolstering GSK's operations like never before.


Sites Per Week

As GSK rides the wave of global expansion, it successfully initiates three new Elisity-powered sites every week.

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Elisity IdentityGraph™ & Virtual Edge


Our engine powered by AI is capable of discovering, classifying, and monitoring devices and users. It collects device identity data from various sources such as Active Directory, Crowdstrike, Claroty, Armis, and more, which helps to create a context for enforcing identity-based policies. Additionally, our platform integrates with popular access switches from Cisco, Arista, and Juniper.

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“Elisity’s identity-based microsegmentation brings tremendous capabilities to our security stack as a critical control point for containing ransomware, blocking malicious lateral network traffic and minimizing incident blast radius, and Elisity features prominently for our present and forward-looking security posture, allowing us to easily adjust to new regulatory as well as threat landscape developments.”
Aaron Weismann
Aaron Weismann

CISO at Main Line Health

“We deployed it at two of our sites in less than an hour, and by the next day, we were confidently implementing policies. This unprecedented speed and effectiveness soon made Elisity an indispensable part of our network security strategy across our manufacturing sites, protecting thousands of managed IT assets as well as our growing number of unmanaged IoT and OT assets.”
Max Everett
Max Everett

CISO at Shaw Industries

“In my 30 years of working in technology and security, I’ve never delivered a product into an environment and got instant benefit like we did with Elisity.”
Paul Haywood

CISO at Bupa Health

“Elisity’s solution is a game-changer. Its intelligent asset classification, visibility and rapid policy enforcement have allowed us to monitor and secure our network in ways we couldn’t have imagined.”
Steve Garske, PhD, MSc, MBA

CIO & CISO at Logan Health

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Elisity Secures $37M to Pioneer Identity-centric Security Solutions

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