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Celebrate Elisity's 2023: A Virtual Champagne Sabering Experience for our GTM Team


November 15th, 2023

3:30 PM to 4:30 PM PST

Let's celebrate another year of Elisity's immense growth by popping some champagne bottles! For those up for it, we're shipping a complimentary bottle of champagne and sabering equipment directly to your door. Don't worry if alcohol's not your thing; you can absolutely opt out and still join in for the fun.

Get ready to toast to our team's hard work and shared success. Here's to more incredible quarters ahead!


  1. Review of Partnership with purple cork: A look back at how purple cork has been an instrumental ally in making our virtual events a success this year.

  2. Year-in-Review Highlights: A quick rundown of major milestones and achievements that have shaped our year.

  3. Interactive Activities: Engaging games and activities to keep the spirit high and foster team bonding.

  4. Virtual Mingling After Party: An open forum for casual conversations, giving everyone a chance to relax and connect with team members.

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