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Rethinking Segmentation
Now is the Time

Missed the live webinar on “Rethinking Segmentation - Now is the Time”? Catch the replay here. Led by top experts from WWT, H-ISAC, and GSK, this webinar delves into advanced cybersecurity defenses, especially focusing on network segmentation strategies vital for the healthcare and pharma sectors. Understand the evolution of segmentation and how it bolsters your organization's security. Don’t miss out - watch the replay now!


Access the Replay

“Elisity’s solution is a game-changer. Its intelligent asset classification, visibility and rapid policy enforcement have allowed us to monitor and secure our network in ways we couldn’t have imagined.”
Steve Garske, PhD, MSc, MBA

CIO & CISO at Logan Health

“Elisity has surpassed all our expectations. We had it deployed at two of our sites in less than an hour, and by the next day, we were confidently implementing policies. This speed and effectiveness are unprecedented, making Elisity an indispensable part of our network security strategy.”
Max E.

Chief Information Security Officer