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Reliable Business Continuity

Network Segmentation Simplified with Elisity

Navigate the cybersecurity landscape with confidence. Experience the ease of network security with Elisity's Identity-Based Microsegmentation solution. With our robust, context-aware policies for users, devices, and applications, guard your business against ransomware, insider threats, and advanced persistent threats.

Key Capabilities

Complete Visibility
Intelligent Classification
Policy Simulation
Fast Deployment
Rapid Expansion

Unleash Full Network Visibility with IdentityGraph™

Take command of your network. Transform switches into powerful sensors and monitor device and user behavior with IdentityGraph™. Know your network like never before.

  • Deploy Virtual Edges at all your sites
  • Monitor and collect device and user data
  • Integrate with all systems for identity and inventory
  • Gain unprecedented visibility and understanding of your network

Unlock Smart Asset Classification

Enable informed decision-making. Classify and arrange your assets for optimal policy enforcement using Elisity's Learning Mode. Craft initial policy strategies that are tailored to your business needs.

  • Identify, classify devices, users, and applications
  • Organize your assets into logical groupings
  • Collaborate with business stakeholders to understand usage and needs
  • Design and test initial policy strategies
“The power of Elisity lies in its simplicity and comprehensive features. From seamless implementation to advanced policy simulation, it's become an integral part of our cybersecurity strategy.”
Jonathan E.

Deputy Chief Information Security Officer

Risk-Free Policy Simulation

Ensure your network policies are effective before going live. Preview policy impact, detect issues, refine policies, and devise a comprehensive rollout plan for your network with Elisity's Simulation Mode.

  • Test policies in production environment
  • Identify and fix any issues or gaps in the policies
  • Refine policy to ensure it is efficient and effective
  • Roll out policies to your entire network with confidence

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Elisity deploys into your existing network in as little as 30 minutes.

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Swift, Non-Disruptive Deployment

Replace the complexity with simplicity. Implement Elisity within hours, maximizing your current hardware investments. Move past VLANs, IPs, or ACLs and ensure secure, seamless operations.

  • Leverage existing hardware investments
  • Rapid deployment on existing infrastructure
  • Bypass the complexities of VLANs, IPs, or ACLs
  • Zero operational disruption
“Elisity's deployment at GSK is nothing short of revolutionary, making every other solution pale in comparison. With a striking speed of less than 30 minutes per location, Elisity's integration is bolstering GSK's operations like never before."
Michael Elmore


"Elisity’s non-disruptive implementation has revolutionized our network security approach. We were able to deploy the solution in hours without any disruptions, which is crucial in a healthcare environment."
Franklin V.

Director of Network Security

Seamless Expansion

Achieve growth with minimal disruptions using our phased deployment approach. Monitor network traffic, detect anomalies, and fine-tune your policies over time for maximum security.

  • Deploy policy in waves to minimize disruption
  • Group waves into logical steps for efficient rollout
  • Monitor network traffic and identify exceptions
  • Refine, tune and perfect your policies over time
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Stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape. Secure your network with Elisity and leverage superior threat detection and policy management capabilities to confidently achieve your cybersecurity goals.

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