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Solution Brief

Financial Services

Cognitive Trust™ applied to Financial Services

Banks and financial institutions are prime targets for external and insider threats. Although there is a healthy focus on information security investments to prevent breaches, rapid detection and response capabilities to minimize exposure to ransomware, data exfiltration, and sabotage are also a must. By adopting the zero trust mindset of assuming there's always an existing breach, and following up by abstracting access policy from the underlying network constructs, financial organizations can enable access policy enforcement as close to the asset as possible and minimize risks without affecting network availability and performance.

Prevention will get Financial institutions so far. Investing in more castles and moats to secure an increasingly hybrid network and remote workforce won't stop nor slow down the attackers. Identity, context, and behavior are at the center of adaptive policy management and enforcement to protect users, devices, applications, and workflows from advanced and persistent threats like ransomware and wipers.

Elisity® Cognitive Trust™ enables nano-segmentation of users, devices, apps, workflows, and data, to prevent lateral movement in the event of a breach, and delivers ubiquitous policy management and enforcement across data centers, clouds, branches, and anywhere.

What matters the most

What matters most to you and your enterprise? The confidence to prevent attacks. Confidence stems from knowing – knowing not just devices and users on your network, but more importantly, understanding their behavior.

Gain more visibility and intelligent control over access to enterprise resources