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Retail & Hospitality

Cognitive Trust™ applied to Retail & Hospitality

Highly distributed enterprises with point-of-sale systems saw an expansion of their digital footprint with IoT devices at each location. Security cameras, thermostats, digital signage, wi-fi access points, cellular failover modems, and back-of-house computers connected to applications in the cloud increase the attack surface and the risk of compromising POS systems and local file servers. The traditional perimeter has disintegrated, and the need for nano-segmented networks and secure access has only increased.

With Cognitive Trust, you overcome the network availability limitations of traditional SD-WAN security, including firewall policy drift and VPN traffic hair-pinning. Go beyond SASE and the PCI DSS compliance requirements, and build an intelligent network with full visibility and adaptive access control of users, devices, apps, and data, across all corporate and franchisee networks. Implement cloud POS systems with confidence by nano-segmenting your store networks to secure transactions, IoT devices, and wireless connectivity. Secure the digital transformation of your operation following the tenets of zero trust and start phasing out implicit trust in your environment.

Elisity® Cognitive Trust™ secures all branches from external and insider threats, enforcing adaptive access policy as close to the device, application, user, and data as possible, and enables nano-segmentation of branch networks. 

Gain more visibility and intelligent control over access to enterprise resources


Workforce Anywhere

Intelligent zero trust access for users, apps, data, devices in the datacenter, in the cloud, and anywhere.

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Connected Devices

Secure convergence of IT and OT through identity-based and context-aware access to nano-segmented industrial environments.

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Distributed Enterprise

Ubiquitous identity-based visibility and access policy across cloud, datacenter, campus, and branch.

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