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North American Electric Reliability Corporation CIP

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Elisity Cognitive Trust helps reduce the risks to the reliability and security of critical infrastructure

NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection is a set of sixteen requirements to secure the assets required to operate North America’s Bulk Electric System (BES), including the United States, several provinces of Canada, and one state in Mexico. These standards are required by law. That's why these standards are also known as NERC CIP requirements. All entities that fall under the purview of NERC CIP must comply with these standards.

Requirements of the NERC CIP

  • Identification and categorization of any connected systems.
  • Outline of the controls in place to secure the assets.
  • Personnel cybersecurity training.
  • Awareness of who has access to what assets and what amount of access they have.
  • Physical security of the assets.
  • Documentation supporting activities to secure assets.
  • Documented disaster response and recovery plans.

How Elisity Supports NERC CIP Compliance

Elisity Cognitive Trust provides real-time visibility, identification, classification, and behavior monitoring of any connected system accessing the BES, enhanced by seamless integrations with the customer's identity and telemetry providers. The solution delivers identity-based network segmentation at the macro (site), micro (user, device), nano (flow), and transactional levels. The platform manages, distributes, and enforces least privilege access policies for users, devices, and applications as close to the assets as possible by leveraging existing switching infrastructure, and it provides real-time and historical awareness of who has access to what assets and what amount of access they have.

Get in touch with us about your NERC CIP compliance-related project and learn how you can accelerate it with Elisity Cognitive Trust.

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