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Platform Overview

Network Segmentation is hard.
It doesn’t need to be.

Complete Visibility
Granular Control
Limit Lateral Movement
Zero Trust Access

No agents. No hardware. Maximum network security with Elisitys Identity-Based Microsegmentation. Enhance your security posture today with advanced, context-aware policies for users, devices, and applications.

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Elisity Platform Architecture

Elisity Architecture Diagram

Elisity Cloud Control Center

Centralized management console providing visibility, policy configuration, and analytics. Utilizes AI and machine learning to adapt to network changes.


Elisity IdentityGraph™

Centralized management console providing visibility, policy configuration, and analytics. Utilizes AI and machine learning to adapt to network changes.


Dynamic Policy Engine

Enables the creation and enforcement of dynamic, context-aware policies based on the rich identity information provided by IdentityGraph. Ensures granular control over network access.

Elisity Virtual Edge

Software that gleans asset identity and enforces identity-based policies at the network edge. Flexible deployment options, including switch-hosted or hypervisor-hosted.
Technical White Paper

Download Elisity’s whitepaper to learn how identity-based microsegmentation secures IT/IoT devices, unifies management and enhances network visibility.

Gain Complete Network Visibility with IdentityGraph™

Discover, classify, and monitor every asset across your hybrid environment.

  • Gain unparalleled visibility into all devices, users, and applications
  • Continuously monitor and adapt to changes in the network
  • Aggregate identity data from various sources for rich context
  • Create a comprehensive inventory of assets for informed decision-making

Granular Control of Your Network

Enforce identity-based policies for users and devices with ease.

  • Implement granular, dynamic access control policies based on identity attributes
  • Adapt policies to the dynamic nature of digital environments
  • Enforce policies consistently across diverse device types
  • Streamline policy management through a centralized console

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Elisity deploys into your existing network in as little as 30 minutes.

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Lateral Movement Defense

Contain threats and limit blast radius with robust segmentation.

  • Secure east-west traffic to prevent lateral threat movement
  • Enforce granular, identity-based policies to contain potential breaches
  • Minimize the impact of ransomware and other advanced threats
  • Adopt a Zero Trust security model that verifies every access request

Continuous Compliance

Maintain regulatory adherence with efficient visibility, control, and reporting.

  • Align with key industry frameworks and standards (NIST, PCI, HIPAA, etc.)
  • Demonstrate adherence to best practices through comprehensive reporting
  • Automate compliance tasks and reduce manual efforts
  • Streamline audit processes with centralized visibility and control
“We deployed it at two of our sites in less than an hour, and by the next day, we were confidently implementing policies. This unprecedented speed and effectiveness soon made Elisity an indispensable part of our network security strategy across our manufacturing sites, protecting thousands of managed IT assets as well as our growing number of unmanaged IoT and OT assets”
Max Everett
Max Everett

CISO at Shaw Industries

“Elisity’s identity-based microsegmentation brings tremendous capabilities to our security stack as a critical control point for containing ransomware, blocking malicious lateral network traffic and minimizing incident blast radius, and Elisity features prominently for our present and forward-looking security posture, allowing us to easily adjust to new regulatory as well as threat landscape developments.”
Aaron Weismann

CISO at Main Line Health

Zero Trust Enablement

Implement least privilege access based on identity and context.

  • Enforce granular access control based on the principle of least privilege
  • Continuously validate and verify access requests based on identity attributes
  • Adapt access policies to changing user roles, device posture, and network conditions
  • Simplify the adoption of Zero Trust architectures across the organization


Elisity IdentityGraph™ & Virtual Edge


Our engine powered by AI is capable of discovering, classifying, and monitoring devices and users. It collects device identity data from various sources such as Active Directory, Crowdstrike, Claroty, Armis, and more, which helps to create a context for enforcing identity-based policies. Additionally, our platform integrates with popular access switches from Cisco, Arista, and Juniper.

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