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Cognitive Trust™
for Connected Devices

Secure Convergence of IT and OT through Identity-based and Context-aware Access to Nano-segmented Industrial Environments  

For Operational Technology teams, run time is king. OT network availability, performance, productivity, and operational safety are as mission-critical as the health of the connected devices and industrial control systems in that environment. Now more than ever, millions of IoT and OT devices connect to a network every single day, increasing the attack surface exponentially and expanding an already target-rich environment for bad actors. Cognitive Trust for Connected Devices creates a security fabric on top of the existing brownfield OT infrastructure that provides enterprises with a simple, comprehensive way to secure access to their environments.

Solution Brief

Key Capabilities

  • Gain VisibilityComplete, real-time visibility into all OT users, devices, and applications, from Level 1 — Level 5.  Integrations with the best-in-class device ID and telemetry platforms.
  • Take ControlUbiquitous policy for OT environments.
  • Segment GranularlyIdentity-based access and nano-segmentationNo direct outside visibility of any OT devices or applications.
  • Connect Multiple DomainsConnectivity across all domains — campus, cloud, SaaS apps, data center, and more.
  • Protect DataEnd-to-end encryption. 
  • Get AI AssistanceAI-delivered policy recommendations.
  • Integrate Seamlessly: Integration with multiple user, device, and application identity sources, and environmental data sources.

Key Benefits

Reduce cost

Reduced overhead and TCO with a single, centralized solution that protects your legacy systems or your Industry 4.0 architectures.

Reduce time-to-value

Deploy in minutes at scale, globally. Get into observation mode quickly to fine-tune adaptive granular policies based on identity and context, such as device security posture, time of day, and resource being accessed.

Gain full visibility

See what's running in your OT environment. Avoid trade-offs between security and networking. Deliver agent-less protection for industrial devices. Integrates with best-in-class device ID and telemetry platforms.

Control traffic flows

Prevent lateral movement in the event of a breach via nano-segmentation of users, apps, devices, and data, effectively reducing the blast radius of an attack.

Detect & react faster

Stronger prevention by reducing the attack surface. Cloak the environment from the outside but trust nothing and constantly verify North-South and East-West network flows for anomalies.


Brownfield-ready, no need to modify your existing OT environment. Simple yet powerful solution that enables the transition to Zero Trust architectures faster without hampering operations.

See What’s Possible with Elisity

Grow confident. Confidence stems from knowing – knowing not just users, devices, applications, and data on your network, but more importantly, understanding their behavior. Start your organization's journey to a zero trust architecture -by securing OT devices and workflows.

Solution Brief

Dramatically reduce costs

Reduce time-to-value

Gain full visibility and control

Protect OT devices

Cognitive Trust protects apps, users, data, and devices based on what they are, not where they are.

Purpose-built for the demands of the digital enterprise, Elisity Cognitive Trust lets organizations, regardless of industry, manage end-to-end enterprise policy without the trade-off between security and network availability. Contribute to the success, rather than just protect the risk of business, by reestablishing the security posture of your enterprise.

Solution Brief

      • Elisity Cloud Control Center: Centralized, cloud-delivered platform that abstracts and centralizes the security access policies for all users.
      • Elisity Edge: Customer-premises edge appliance or virtual appliance that works as the IT/OT Access Edge, SDP Gateway, and Policy Enforcement Point.
      • Elisity Edge Cloud: Provides site-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud secure connectivity.
      • Elisity Micro Edge: installed on third-party switches, it enables identity-based segmentation and policies on those switches, turning them into SDP gateways in addition to enabling OT transactional segmentation.
      • Elisity Access Service: Elisity-managed, cloud-delivered service with a global backbone that allows users to connect to any resource in the world securely.
      • Elisity Connect: Software agent that initiates secure connections directly between the remote user's device and enterprise resources through the cloud-delivered Elisity Access Service.

Solution Components


Azure Active Directory
BMC Helix
Google Cloud Identity
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Active Directory
Microsoft Azure
Oracle Identity and Access Management
Ping Identity
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