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Solution Brief

Energy, Mining & Utilities

Cognitive Trust™ applied to Critical Infrastructure Operations

The role of guaranteeing critical infrastructure operations in the Energy, Mining, and Utilities sectors extend beyond securing Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT). Emerging business objectives increasingly require connecting data from both OT and IT realms to ensure robust and resilient business operations. Customer engagement and supply chains gradually shift towards integration platforms that support more relevant customer experiences and mutually beneficial service expansions.

Elisity® Cognitive Trust™ enables the development of a business-outcome-driven and practical approach to designing, developing, and operationalizing cybersecurity programs. Technology leaders can support digital transformations without compromising data, user identity and access, critical systems, and devices by addressing:

  • The gradual decentralization of enterprise resources
  • The increasing connectivity to cloud-native applications
  • The growing size of the remote workforce
  • The ever-increasing number of industrial IoT devices
  • The reduction of visibility and control of hybrid networks

Gain more visibility through integrations with best-in-class IDPs, and device ID and telemetry platforms. Maintain intelligent control over your critical infrastructure, now and going forward. Enable business outcomes and digital innovation without zero-sum game lock-ins.

Elisity® Cognitive Trust™ enables a pragmatic journey towards resolving the chasm between network performance and availability, security controls, business agility, and innovation.

What matters the most

What matters most to you and your enterprise? The confidence to prevent attacks. Confidence stems from knowing – knowing not just devices and users on your network, but more importantly, understanding their behavior.

Gain more visibility and intelligent control over access to critical infrastructure