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Solution Brief

Pharmacueticals & Biotech

Unlock Seamless Security with Elisity


Operating in highly regulated industries, pharma & biotech firms need powerful network security solutions to keep their data and critical infrastructure secure. Elisity’s platform is designed to simplify the complex process of network security, providing real-time visibility and microsegmentation based on identity instead of legacy network constructs. Elisity’s Virtual Edge transforms switches into sensors and policy enforcement points, forming an Identity Graph that lets you easily manage access control. Get the advanced protection you need and trust Elisity to keep your business secure from cyber threats.

Key Benefits of Elisity’s Platform

  • Increased Efficiency - Quickly segment your network without adding new hardware or needing to take your network down for long periods of time.
  • Total Visibility - See which devices, users, and applications are on the network and adjust policies to protect them as necessary.
  • Scalable Solutions - Deploy microsegmentation with adaptable policy and architecture options, enabling scalability for an ever-evolving threat landscape.

What our customers are saying

No other vendor can provide the network visibility, telemetry, intelligence, and microsegmentation required to effectively accelerate the time to reduce risk in both greenfield and brownfield environments.

Michael Elmore, CISO at GSK



Elisity Platform: The Solution for Converging IT and OT Networks

Elisity’s platform provides a solution for converged IT and OT networks by transforming your switches into sensors and microsegmentation enforcement points that improve network visibility, reduce risk, and increase compliance.

  • Microsegmentation provides granular control over network access, reducing the attack surface and limiting lateral movement in the event of a breach.
  • The platform uses machine learning to identify and authenticate users and devices, enabling dynamic and adaptive policies that can quickly respond to changing network conditions.
  • Elisity's Cloud Control Center provides a centralized platform for managing network security, integrating with existing identity and access management systems to enhance visibility and control.
  • The platform’s Identity Graph provides a comprehensive view of network activity, enriching the data with contextual information such as user roles and device types to enable better threat detection and response.
  • Elisity’s Virtual Edge technology enables easy deployment of the platform across distributed environments, and the platform supports a variety of use cases including securing critical infrastructure, protecting against insider threats, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.