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Solution Brief

Public Sector

Cognitive Trust™ applied to the Public Sector

Facing external and insider threats, including those from state-sponsored actors, public sector organizations must reconsider how they monitor and manage risk while still keeping the budget under control. Government agencies must prioritize cybersecurity projects and make sure allocations for those initiatives are not diverted to unrelated projects. The threat of ransomware and wipers are a present danger that can seriously disrupt government operations and compromise private identifiable information.

These are times when the Public Sector must lead the way in adopting the tenets of Zero Trust and transform the security of the national critical infrastructure. Securing government systems means protecting institutions and the way of life of the citizens. Now more than ever, information security must be prioritized by government agencies. The public sector is in a good place to become the main driver of innovation in the private sector.

To protect sensitive citizen information and agency workflows, Federal, State, and Local government entities can secure existing infrastructure with Elisity® Cognitive Trust™ and start transitioning to a zero trust architecture.

What matters the most

What matters most to you and your enterprise? The confidence to prevent attacks. Confidence stems from knowing – knowing not just devices and users on your network, but more importantly, understanding their behavior.

Gain more visibility and intelligent control over access to government resources