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Solution Brief

Clinical Healthcare

Unlock Seamless Security with Elisity

As clinical healthcare environments become more connected and advanced, securing them becomes increasingly challenging. Elisity’s platform simplifies this complexity by providing automated identity-based microsegmentation, turning your switches into sensors and policy enforcement points. Our Identity Graph delivers real-time visibility of assets and users, allowing you to manage access controls easily. You can rest easy knowing that your healthcare organization is protected from cyber threats with Elisity’s comprehensive security solutions. With Elisity’s platform, you can effectively segment your clinical network, separating critical and sensitive data from non-critical systems and traffic. Elisity ensures patient information’s security and privacy while enabling secure access to necessary resources.

Key Benefits of Elisity’s Platform

  • Increased Efficiency - Quickly segment your network without adding new hardware or needing to take your network down for long periods of time.
  • Total Visibility - See which devices, users, and applications are on the network and adjust policies to protect them as necessary.
  • Scalable Solutions - Deploy microsegmentation with adaptable policy and architecture options, enabling scalability for an ever-evolving threat landscape.

What our customers are saying

In my 30 years of working in technology and security, I’ve never delivered a product into an environment and got instant benefit like we did with Elisity"

Paul Haywood, CISO at Bupa



Elisity and Medigate Secure Healthcare Devices at Cromwell Hospital

Bupa Cromwell Hospital

The Challenge

Unmanaged devices in clinical healthcare environments pose unique security threats. Bupa invested in various solutions to solve these issues, with limited success. The team needed a comprehensive view to identify unmanaged devices and deploy policies without a major hardware refresh.

The Solution

Elisity partnered with Medigate to develop an advanced security solution for Cromwell Hospital's infrastructure management challenges. Integrating Elisity’s platform with Medigate’s device discovery and risk assessment capabilities identified policy gaps, and developed microsegmentation and least privilege access policies mapped to device classes and user groups.

The Solution

Elisity and Medigate offer a joint solution to secure clinical devices and patient information at Cromwell Hospital. The solution delivers real-time visibility into medical devices, assessing vulnerabilities and providing policy recommendations for efficient enforcement by Elisity. This streamlines policy management and ensures reliable infrastructure management, protecting patient information.