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Partner Deal Registration

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Fill out the form below to register a new deal, and our team will contact you within 2 business days.

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Deal Registration Requirements

  1. The partner provides us with an introduction to the customer
  2. The partner schedules a meeting with the Elisity team, Partner team, and Customer decision-makers
  3. The customer deems the partner to be the partner of record
  4. The partner supports Elisity throughout the sales cycle
  5. Approved Deal Registrations are Valid for 90 Days and can be requested/approved for renewal at any point during or after the registration term
“Elisity has surpassed all our expectations. We had it deployed at two of our sites in less than an hour, and by the next day, we were confidently implementing policies. This speed and effectiveness are unprecedented, making Elisity an indispensable part of our network security strategy.”
Max Everette
Max Everette

CISO at Shaw Industries

“Elisity's solution is a game-changer. Its intelligent asset classification and visibility have allowed us to monitor our network in ways we couldn't have imagined. Our patient care security is stronger than ever.”
Steve Garske
Steve Garske, PhD

CIO & CISO at Logan Health