The Enterprise Boundary is Changing

Unify policy and achieve Zero Trust security with a single, comprehensive solution

Elisity Cognitive Trust

Elisity Cognitive Trust (ECT) is the industry’s first Zero Trust networking and Software-Defined Perimeter solution.

Serving every domain — campus, cloud, remote access and more — ECT provides organizations with a comprehensive, cloud-delivered way to secure access across the enterprise. Purpose built for the demands of the digital enterprise, ECT lets organizations manage end-to-end enterprise policy from one centralized portal.

One Cloud-Delivered Platform
Secure Access from Edge to Edge

Cognitive Cloud

The core of Elisity Cognitive Trust is a cloud-delivered platform called the Cognitive Cloud. From a single portal, enterprises can leverage a policy plane for comprehensive policy management and a control plane for managing end-to-end routing context. The platform also houses the Cognitive Trust AI engine, which continuously monitors assets for risk and behavior — users, applications, devices, and data — and makes automatic policy recommendations.

Cognitive Edge

The Cognitive Edge is the data plane deployed at the edge. It enforces “just in time” policy, securing access for every enterprise user, application, and resource. The Cognitive Edge enables the end-to-end encryption of network communications and can be deployed in any format — as hardware, software, or as a container.

Cognitive Access Service

Elisity Cognitive Access Service (CAS) is a next-generation VPN alternative, purpose-built to address challenges in remote access. Using both Software-Defined Perimeter and Zero Trust Network Access, CAS creates rapid, secure, “right-sized” connections for remote users to both on-premises and cloud-based applications and resources — enabling organizations to achieve both adaptive access protection and attack prevention and overcome the limitations of traditional VPN. 

Zero Trust your remote workforce

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Zero Trust your IoT/OT environments

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Unify your multi-cloud access

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Zero Trust access, enterprise-wide

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