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Least Privilege Access

Unify your security policy with a cloud-delivered portal

Enterprises are using multiple IAM solutions to manage access and outdated solutions to manage policy — and the result is fragmented islands of policy and identity. With Elisty Cognitive Trust, organizations can manage identity-based policy ubiquitously, secure access to every enterprise resource, and continually adapt with AI-powered recommendations.

Current challenges

Today, users, applications, and devices connect to, and from, everywhere. But organizations are still using numerous point solutions to manage access and policy — including ACLs, firewalls, VRFs, IAMs, VLANS, VPNs, and more. This not only makes it difficult and expensive to manage and scale policy effectively, but it leaves enterprises vulnerable in numerous ways:

  • Lack of application-level segmentation and application-level access control
  • Lack of agility to adapt policy to changing user behavior
  • A connectivity first, security second approach leading to attacks
  • Fragmented and misconfigured policy
  • Need for inter-domain policy translators

All of these factors leave organizations vulnerable to attack and lateral movement in the network, while hindering the agility and scalability that digital transformation demands.


Manage unified policy with Elisity Cognitive Trust

Cognitive Trust provides enterprises with a single, comprehensive way to create, manage, and scale policy, across every domain — campus, cloud, multi-cloud, remote access, branch, data center, SaaS apps, IoT, and more — without inter-domain policy translators. This unified approach allows enterprises to overcome the limitations of traditional solutions, by providing a simpler, more secure, more agile, and more cost-effective solution.

Moreover, policy is based on the identity of users, devices, and applications — not IP address or “inside” or “outside” status on the network. The Cloud Control Center AI engine continually monitors access, and makes automatic policy recommendations based on context like location, time of day, risk and trust scores, the sensitivity of data or application, and more. In this way, access is highly granular, segmented, context-aware, and evolves dynamically with the organization.


  • Application-level segmentation and application-level access
  • AI-delivered policy recommendations
  • A security first, connectivity second approach
  • Full visibility into all users, apps, and data
  • Unified policy across every digital domain, without policy translators
  • Centralized policy management from a cloud-delivered portal
  • Reduced overhead and TCO with a single, centralized solution
  • Increased agility with a scale-as-you-go platform
  • Data protection through edge-to-edge encryption
  • Increased security and minimized risk of policy misconfiguration
  • With Elisity’s data protection and access protection capabilities, customers can eliminate the need for VPN in their environments