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Secure Access Anywhere

Intelligent control over access to enterprise resources in the datacenter, in the cloud, and anywhere

Providing granular access to enterprise resources has become challenging for enterprises where users, devices, applications, and data no longer reside within a traditional network's confines. Elisity Secure Access Anywhere was designed from the ground up to address these challenges.

The challenges of access fragmentation

With resources, applications, and services spread across multiple cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google, and others, organizations face new challenges in securing access. Yet, access management is fragmented across these cloud environments, leaving organizations vulnerable to attack. Challenges include:

      • With many users and devices accessing disparate clouds, access management becomes a burden
      • Poor data governance and an increased attack surface leads to increased risk of a breach
      • Multiple cloud IAMs leads to unproductive management complexity
      • IPsec connectivity creates performance bottlenecks

Elisity Cognitive Trust for Remote Workforce Access Management

Elisity Secure Access Anywhere was designed from the ground up to address these challenges. The solution combines software-defined perimeter capabilities and zero trust network access for managing risk. Elisity’s solution abstracts and centralizes the security access policy mechanisms. It enables least-privilege access connections for any user, application, or device, by granting access based on identity and context.

Whether it is connecting onsite or offsite/mobile users to applications in the cloud or the enterprise network, IoT/OC devices to corporate networks or cloud applications, or edge devices anywhere via the internet, Elisity’s platform is brownfield-ready, and can be implemented quickly without disrupting business operations.


      • Instantly deploy Elisity access service clusters, create multi-regional networks, and install the client application.
      • There are no boundaries for scaling; with over 25 geographic regions and multiple availability zones worldwide, you ensure that the service is highly available, reliable, and scalable.
      • Ensure policy-based Adaptive Trust access to every application, system, service, API, data, and processes. 
      • Easily manage users' or user groups' network access from a centralized place, consolidating, accelerating, and simplifying workflows.
      • With full deep packet inspection (DPI) and security analytics, gain total visibility to all flows in your environment with a single pane of glass. If there is any unusual activity, the system will help identify it immediately.
      • Elisity eliminates the need for expensive hardware installation and management so that you can scale network access quickly and cost-effectively.
      • Achieve nano-segmentation over time with an adaptive trust model, starting with your remote workforce's access to enterprise resources.