Zero Trust your remote workforce

Working remotely is the new normal. Secure your workers with Elisity Access Service, a next-generation VPN replacement that combines Zero Trust access and Software-Defined Perimeter, powered by AI.

Enterprises have transitioned overnight to full-time remote workforce, meaning robust remote access solutions are now a business requirement. Yet, existing VPN solutions lack the security, visibility, and connectivity that enterprises demand.

The Elisity Access Service combines Zero Trust networking with Software-Defined Perimeter and continuous AI monitoring to ensure your employees can connect from anywhere, while keeping your data and assets protected.

The Limitations of Existing VPNs

As organizations move to remote work, they’re using traditional VPN solutions. This leaves them vulnerable to attack. VPNs have numerous drawbacks:

  • Risk of lateral movement in the network
  • Lack of visibility and reporting on VPN traffic flows
  • Lack of segmentation
  • Missing the layers of security required for enterprise
  • Fragmented policy
  • The security and compliance risk of VPN often violates the principle of least privilege
Elisity Cognitive Cloud

If you want to keep your existing VPN, but work towards Zero Trust,
 Zero Trust your Existing VPN.

Software-Defined remote access with Elisity Access Service


Elisity Access Service was designed from the ground-up to solve these challenges in remote access. Elisity Access Service combines Software-Defined Perimeter and Zero Trust network access to create highly secure, “right-sized” connections from remote users to both on-premises and cloud-based resources.


With application-level fine-grained access control, Elisity Access Service makes all applications or unauthorized resources inaccessible to users, unless they are explicitly permitted by the organization. Moreover, Elisity Access Service works in tandem with the Elisity Cloud Control Center providing continuous remote access monitoring and automatic policy recommendations for remote users.


Elisity Access Service is simple to use, leveraging Elisity Connect, a software agent that is downloadable directly to the devices of remote users. Elisity Access Service is a holistic solution, enabling organizations to achieve adaptive access protection and attack prevention — and retire their existing VPN point solutions.


  • Implements SDP and ZT in a single solution
  • Eliminates the need for VPN, with Elisity’s data protection and access protection capabilities
  • Minimized risk of lateral movement with least privilege access
  • Continuous monitoring and AI-delivered policy recommendations 
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Nano-segmentation
  • Identity-based policies based on users, devices, apps, and other contextual data
  • Seamless and centralized auditing and reporting
  • Supports both client-based and browser-based access
  • Rapid onboarding